July 2017

Forex Trading Order Types

There are five different Forex Trading Order types.  These five Forex Trading Order types are available with all Forex Brokers for entering into a position/ trade.  Forex Trading Order Types Market Order Buy Stop Order Buy Limit Order Sell Stop Order Sell Limit Order  Market Order  A Market Order is customer… Read More »Forex Trading Order Types

Hummer Candlestick Formation and Single Candle Strategy

This small article explains about Hummer Candlestick. As we know that Price Action Forex Traders are using various patterns of candlesticks like Doji, an abandoned baby, Morning Star ,Evening Star Doji, Gravestone Doji, Short body candles, Long Shadow candles, Evening Star, Morning Star, Hanging Man, Spinning Top, Shooting Star, Dark Cloud Cover, Engulfing Patterns, Piercing Line, Candlestick Sandwich, Three Green Soldiers… Read More »Hummer Candlestick Formation and Single Candle Strategy